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Nigerian rapper, A-Q shares ‘success tips’ in the music industry

Nigerian rapper, Gilbert Bani, popularly known by his music name, A-Q has shared what he describes as success tips in the highly competitive music industry in Nigeria.

Speaking to the rapper said the problem creatives in the industry have is misinformation or no information at all.

“The more information we can put out there, the better for the industry,” he said.

A-Q who admitted not to have reached the climax of his career decided to share the “success tips” thread, June 9 on Twitter.

“Hi guys, I’ve really been Blessed as a Nigerian hip-hop artist, I have not had a perfect career but I have found success in what I do, I figured a lot of successful artists don’t give out tips on how they found their way in this cut-throat industry. Well here is a THREAD.

He encouraged upcoming artistes who are talented and yet to make a name or a living off the industry that they could, the only factor that separates them from the A-list artistes out there is a hit song.

The rapper ended his first point by saying “I haven’t made a hit song before so I can’t tell you how to make one..”

The rapper continued to his second point by saying most artistes who have had hit songs had them either by luck, divine intervention or massive promotion.

He charged upcoming acts to push themselves to limits no one can compete with. He also admitted to have met better upcoming artistes in Nigeria than the successful ones.

While admitting that the quality of music, one’s carriage and branding are vital elements for a successful career, the pressure to play the big league becomes a trap most upcoming artistes inevitably fall into.

“The harder you work, your brand gets way bigger, but your finances don’t really increase that much, if you were using buses before, you now have to start using uber, your videos have to start looking better, you feel the need to change your car and the place you live.

“This is were I am in my career, now people that did things for you for free now feel you should give back because they notice the change, u start to meet girls with extremely high taste and attending high-end events in designer clothes, this is where a lot of artist careers end,” he said.

While pointing out the need to live within one’s means, he proffered a solution he called “brand equity” which means upcoming artistes need alternate sources of income.

He ended the thread by saying this “..as long as I keep moving, I want you to move with me, I need you to compete with me, I live and breathe for it, don’t get frustrated or depressed, keep moving forward.. not all of us will blow, but all of us can build and progress. hope this helps you. Bless.”

The artiste has four albums and five EPs credited to him, his recent single “Shaking Tables” released in April 2018, produced by Beats By Jayy.

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